Will a car dealer know it was me who posted a review?

We do let you remain anonymous. None of your personal details will be passed onto the dealership.

How long for the review to get on dealer depot?

Within 24 hours. We will send an email confirmation to you.

Can I leave more than one review?

Absolutely! The more information we have the better.

What is LEGIT?

A LEGIT review is where a proof of purchase has been presented.

Proof of sale or an email to confirm you are the person! A genuine customer.

dealer depot recommends that all reviews be made LEGIT

I want to review a dealer I didn’t buy from, is this ok?

Absolutely. If it’s a real life experience, then go for it. The more information that will help buyers the better!


What if a dealer I am looking for is not on dealer depot?
Contact us via the contact us section and we will add them for you.

If I am a dealer how do I challenge a review?

Send us an email with the dealership name along with the review details. If the review isn’t genuine then reach out.

As a dealer, how do I respond to a review?

We love it when dealers respond, it helps build that online reputation. Contact us to subscribe and you will have all the access you need.

If a customer wants to remove the review can you do this?

When a review is sent in, our terms and conditions state we own the content and it is our choice whether we remove a review. We don’t want to remove reviews, we want customers to tell us what’s going on. Being a dealership, you are more than welcome to share your side of the story for any review about your business. Remember to subscribe first!